Caffeine: the EFSA recommends the consumption of up to six cups per day

EFSA, the European authority governing food safety, based in Parma, has recently published the results of an investigation into the safety of caffeine. The quantity of acute, daily consumption is estimated, for the general population, at six cups, without posing any risks for healthy adults.

A news link to the article: Caffeine: EFSA recommends up to six cups a day

All the research data can be consulted at: the risk evaluation

An overview of Caffex

On 3-6 May, Caffex took part in the TUTTOFood fair held at the Rho exhibition centre. This was an unusual event as it was the first exhibition to be staged at Fiera Milano during Expo 2015, with the added benefit of being held in the stunning setting of the Esposizione Universale.
During the four days of TUTTOFood, Caffex presented its products and blends, attracting the interest and praise of the public.



La Caffex is taking part in the ‘ENJOY THE TABLE’ initiative, a unique format organised by the collaboration of the associations ARTALTOGA, the Associazione dei torrefattori lombardi e importatori di caffè e dei grossisti alimentary (Association of Lombard coffee roasters and importers and foodstuff wholesalers). The event is promoted by the Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza Confcommercio.

ENJOY THE TABLE is arranged over four themed days in Milan: it started with TUTTO FOOD (Rho Fiera, 3-6 May) continues with a large festival at the Castello Sforzesco (25-28 June) and two exhibitions at the EXPO site (13-19 July and 7-10 September). The autumn programme opens with HOMI (Rho Fiera, 12-15 September) and closes with HOST (Rho Fiera, 23-27 September).

What better expression is there to indicate conviviality than through ‘ENJOY THE TABLE?’ Wellness, in terms of sharing food and spending time together, which ‘ENJOY THE TABLE’ promotes as its core idea, fully reflects Caffex’s company mood, one that aims at a distinctive, rich flavour that tones body and soul.
“The tradition that is renewed courtesy of technological innovations pushes Caffex towards the search for healthy products that are bursting with flavour. Moderate coffee consumption has a host of benefits: it improves memory, reflexes, concentration levels and helps combat tiredness. The latest studies highlight coffee’s anti-ageing effects, thanks to the presence of NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS that limit the action of free radicals. This means that we can all enjoy our coffee and its positive effects on both body and soul!”

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